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Scopes, Sights, Spotters, and Bases: Optimizing your Rifle with Optics and Scope Accessories

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Scopes, Sights, Spotters, and Bases: Optimizing your Rifle with Optics and Scope Accessories

Had enough of the stock front sights or hand-me-down scope you have on your rifle or AR-15? New rifle owners or precision shooters who have recently finished building their custom rifle from the lower receiver up can find a gamut of optics options to pick from online. If you’re ready to begin sending rounds through the target with the accuracy of a new scope attachment, one must keep in mind that the choice you make for your new gun scope or optics accessories truly deciphers target placement as well as your reputation as a marksman.

Searching for the right sight or scope for your firearm can get complicated, especially if you’re unaware of which scope style is even the right fit for your rifle. For all sports shooters, it’s simple. You either align with the target, make your mark, or you don’t. If the sight or scope that came with your rifle isn’t cooperating with your vision or is past any chance of restoration from damage or old age, it’s time to upgrade so you don’t waste any more cash on missed ammo.

There’s no excuse when it comes to target practice and hunting, and every shot taken down range increases with accuracy when investing in high-quality optics. Buyers will come across a variety of optics brands and for new shooters; keep in mind that it’s essential to match your shooting style and distance preference with an adequately fitted scope. Whether you’re purchasing a new scope or searching for a base attachment or spotter, continue reading for tips on choosing the right scope or sight for your rifle.

Cover the Bases

If you’re working with a blank slate, brand new gun or you’re building a rifle, the base bracket, or scope base (the component that secures your scope and or weapon accessories), is essential for mounting your future sight or scope. If your long rifle or AR-15 requires a new scope base, choosing a solid and ergonomic foundation is the first purchase one should consider. When choosing a scope base, make sure that the length and connective fit to your rifle matches the dimensions of your weapon. Check your manufacturer recommendations or the scope brand compatibility before you press for any confirmation.

With a variety of gun base styles constructed for long-term and lightweight durability, some brands like the anodized Anarchy Outdoors Tikka scope base adds tight-fitted stability to your weapon, and the Magnum Ruger Precision Rifle Scope even adds a visual aid with a built-in bubble level that assists in leveling your next shot. Scope bases range in size for long rifles and ARs so pay close attention to the math of both your firearm and scope base platform before purchase.

Long Range Rifle Scopes

Long range rifle scopes can easily place you on target from hundreds of yards away, and every minor deviation to the right or left of the bullseye makes every distance if you’re shooting for score or harvesting wild game. For precision rifle shooters, calibrating your scope is just as important as choosing the brand that optimizes each shot you squeeze off to the fullest. Our catalog offers long range rifle scopes by Leupold, Athlon, Burris, and Midas, and whether you’re going for mid to long range shots, or even thermal sighting wild game, our inventory of gun scopes are diverse for all shooter types.

Spotting Scopes & Range Finders

It takes high-level magnification and clarity when scouting hillsides, spotting your shot groupings, or stalking your next trophy kill. A spotting scope is an ideal tool for every range bag, and most long-range optics are handheld or include a tripod which eliminates the hassle of a shaky lens.

Range finders are convenient optic sighters that are great for short to medium distances under 2000 yards and with the compact and lightweight construction fitted for your hand, they’re great for travel as well as the range and field.

Reputable spotting scopes and range finders vary in sizes and price and buyers should consider a scope with a glass and fog proof lens which produces a clear and sharp image when scanning down range. Also, a beneficial feature on select scopes is a range finder reticle which offers image guidelines over your image and includes a distance meter and or a digital lens finder which optimizes your adjustments for accuracy. Popular spotting scopes like the Athlon Midas 1 mile range finder and Athlon Cronus tactical spotting scope or Athlon Ares are excellent for first-time optics buyers.

AR-15 Sights

Lastly for the AR-15 owners who are switching from the stock sights to an aftermarket scope or a red dot sight, finding the right fit to a close-range combat shooting style is simple if you know what you’re looking for. Target distance is primarily closer for an AR-15 than a long range rifle. Shooters who are training with shooting obstacles or close range targets can expect a 50-200 yard range between shooting distances and AR shooters often need to place their aim quickly depending on individual training or real-life scenarios.

The stock iron sights of your AR work well if not bent out of shape. However, more time is wasted when it comes to aligning your aim with your target. Second matter in a life or death situation and aftermarket AR-15 sights provide a broader and magnified view then stock iron sights, and if you want additional quickness and efficiency, red dot sights transform your shooting game fully.

If you’re searching AR optics, there’s typically no need for a long range scope like ones you would use for your high-caliber long-range rifle. For AR owners, a red-dot sight is ideal for custom your custom rifle because the reticle gives an in-depth and open view of your intended shot while also allowing you to maintain peripheral vision. Knowing your surroundings as well as focusing clearly on the target induces safe training tactics along with awareness on the range or while hunting.

AR-15 sights range in styles, weights, and dimensions. And whether your typical target is 200 or 500 hundred yards away, finding the sight that fits your preference is simple with a thorough review of the specs and capabilities of your future scope or sight.

Choose your New Rifle Scope or AR-15 Sight Wisely

Hunters, competition shooters, and AR-15 owners practicing home defense tactics realize just how important choosing a high-quality scope and optics for your gun. Make every range visit or hunting trip worth your while and sight-in on your target with precision and confidence from here on out. Learn more about the high-power rifle scopes and rifle optic accessories inside our online catalog and fully optimize your vision and accuracy.

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