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Ruger Precision Rifle: What Upgrades Are Available ? (Part II)

RPR Schematic

Ruger Precision Rifle: What Upgrades Are Available ? (Part II)

With a wide variety of parts available for the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR), we created a two-part series that discusses the aftermarket available for this popular rifle.  If you missed it, you can check out Part I as we move into Part II below. We are going to continue along the same line and cover even more aftermarket choices you can change out to improve your rifle.

Now before you get started on changing out parts, we want to again emphasize to each and every one reading this that you are taking responsibility and liability should your rifle malfunction by adding aftermarket parts. Anarchy Outdoors nor any manufacturer is responsible for you or your rifle if you so choose to remove or modify factory parts.

Ruger Precision Trigger

The RPR was designed with the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger. Now for the basic shooter, this is a great option. Having the ability to adjust the pull weight of the trigger from 5 lbs. down to 2.25 lbs. provides an added option to the shooter. And with the addition of the safety blade, prevents accidental trigger pulls. So, for the average guy who is hunting or paper punching, this setup probably suits just fine. But then there are those of us who want better.

Thanks to the engineers at companies like Timney, we have additional options available to completely replace the entire trigger assembly and DROP in a well-balanced, exceptionally smooth, and crisp two-stage trigger. The pull weight is factory calibrated for a half-pound first stage and a one-pound second stage. The first stage is user adjustable from ½ pound to one pound and the second stage is user adjustable from ½ pound to two pounds. The trigger is offered in straight and curved trigger shoe models. The trigger housing is constructed of military-grade, 6061 T6 alloy that is CNC machined using state-of-the-art robotics and is anodized for superior durability. 

Now if you just want to use your factory RPR trigger, but do not favor the safety blade, then you can use a trigger shoe. Shoes are mounted to the trigger blade and keep the safety engaged at all times. 

Ruger Precision Grip

Ruger engineers sought to make a rifle the consumer could add their own flare and style, thus making it comfortable to shoot. By following the venerable Armalite Rifle concept, Ruger gave the consumer basically the same options. With the proper tools, any consumer can change out the grip and buttstock or add a different type of rail (coming up later). Let’s discuss the grip.

The grip option allows you to choose from a massive selection of aftermarket grips, Ergo, Daniel Defense, Magpul, MPA, and my favorite Anarchy Outdoors to name a few. Now the selection of the grip comes down to personal opinion and individual choice. With such a massive selection, I will state that your decision should be made on sizing the grip to your hand as well as what your intended use of the rifle will be. Once you have chosen which grip you want then the grip on the RPR can be easily removed by unscrewing the mounting screw from the bottom of the grip. Here are two awesome grips that are making a hit in the field:

Ruger Precision Safety and Magazine Release

Additional changes you can make are to change out your safety release and add a magazine release aid. This is more of a bling statement… but how can you not like a little bling?!?

The Seekins Precision Ambidextrous safety selector allows the shooter to easily switch from a standard 90-degree throw to a 60-degree short throw. The SP selector also features a screw design for solid lock-up so you don’t have to worry about levers falling off. Made from rugged aluminum and hard coat anodized, the SP safety selector is the perfect upgrade for your AR-15. 

Direct from Catalyst Arms, and to compliment your bolt knob and safety selector, you can choose this add-on extension to aid in removing your magazine without fumbling. 

Ruger Precision V-Tab Enhancement

As we discussed in “Ruger Precision Rifle. What upgrades are available? Part One.” Concerning buttstocks, a little-known company was hard at work developing something that will enhance the shooter’s comfort on any rifle. The Vertical Tactical Adjustable Buttstock or V-TAB has changed the way prone shooting is done. Whether you own a Magpul PRS, RPR or Luth you can add this enhancement and a Limbsaver Recoil Pad to your rifle easily and increase the joy while shooting.

Here you can see the V-TAB addition on either the Magpul PRS or on the RPR factory buttstock. The V-Tab has the ability to move up and down as well as cant to fit the pocket of your shoulder. 

Ruger Precision Rails

In the beginning, Ruger used Sampson rails on the RPR that also came with a full rail and Keymod accessory mounting. Now why the rails were nice for some, the choice of Keymod over M-Lok proved otherwise. Also having a full Picatinny rail required the shooter to use X-High scope rings to clear the bell of most 50 to 56MM scope bails. Aftermarket manufacturers jumped on the ball and developed some rather interesting choices.

Pictured above is the Seekins Precision SP3R rail system. It adds an additional flat bottom to the rail, giving a better mounting surface to your favorite bag. They are available in both M-Lok and Keymod 12 and 15-inch versions.

Here is another version direct from Paper City, their DV8 RPR M-Lok Rail is a great option to switch to if you are looking for the ability to add iron sights.

One thing that I need to mention to everyone out there concerning rail selection and the RPR: Normal rails that are compatible with ARs will not necessarily work on your RPR. They tend to leave a gap between the action and the rail. Now if this is not a factor then you can use any AR-style floating rail on the market, just make sure it comes with a barrel nut that mates with the rail.

Ruger Precision Barrels and Muzzle Devices

Now, let’s end with one of the most important upgrades you can make, a barrel and muzzle device. Since this is mostly going to affect accuracy, this option is where you want to choose the barrel that has a guaranteed sub-moa. Now I do prefer one manufacturer and will stand by that decision, Faxon makes some outstanding Pre-Fit barrels, now why do I say pre-fit? Well, these are how AR barrels are built, they are pre-fit to mate up to the action without the use of a Head Space gauge, this is one option that allows a shooter the ability to quickly change out a barrel from the wear and tear of shooting. Now there are tons of manufacturers out there who provide pre-fit RPR barrels, PVA, LRI, Proof Research, Criterion, and Krieger to name a few.

Now one other item that we need to discuss is the muzzle, Ruger Precision Gen 1 rifles were introduced with just a thread protector, so the option to add a brake or suppressor was up to the owner. Gen 2/3 rifles were supplied with a brake that left much to be desired. I for one want something that is tried and true and is built for my shooting style. Patriot Valley Arms is one of those that are leading the market.

Since the Ruger Precision comes with the 5/8 -24 thread the Jet Blast is your best option in my opinion. It is the latest addition to the PVA lineup and brings excellent recoil reduction, easy installation, and outstanding manufacturing quality. Now there are naysayers out there that quip about the need for a brake on calibers like the 5.56 x 45 NATO, 6MM/243 Win, or 6.5 Creedmoor but I am here to tell you that in the end, having less recoil will increase your odds of getting back on target quicker than a rifle without. 

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