Gear Up for Fall with CVA Muzzleloader Accessories.
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Gear Up for Fall with CVA Muzzleloader Accessories, Clearance Camo, and More

CVA muzzleloader accessories

Gear Up for Fall with CVA Muzzleloader Accessories, Clearance Camo, and More

Get ready; in a month (perhaps less for some of you) fall seasons will be opening up.

If you haven’t done so yet, get the muzzleloader out to the range, make sure you’re not rusty in practice, sight it in and accurize it.

Then stuff your possibles bag with these CVA muzzleloader accessories and other front-stuffer essentials, many of which are fairly new.

A New Muzzleloader Ramrod

Ditch whatever ramrod came with your gun. Wooden ones and fiberglass ones both break, and aluminum is good, but a one-piece rod is tough to stow.

Our muzzleloader ramrod is a 3-piece upgrade that’s on another level, plus it comes with a Big Bertha knob that improves comfort and ergonomics.

It won’t break like other muzzleloader ramrods will, and it’s lightweight. Plus, since it breaks down into 3 pieces, it’s easy to stash in a pack or bag.

Muzzleloader Speed Loaders

Not a traditional muzzleloader accessory but muzzleloader speed loaders can be highly valuable, especially in the field where you might need to make quick follow-up shots.

Muzzleloader speed loaders are essentially tubes that hold pre-measured charges and bullets in reverse sequence. To load, simply dump the charge down the bore and drive the bullet home.

They can save you some time in the field since everything in the charge is ready to go – which can be a lifesaver if you need a follow-up shot on game, quick.

Loading Blocks

These are not the traditional muzzleloader loading blocks you might be envisioning, which hold a patched ball ready to load in a bit of wood.

Rather, these are modern, aircraft-grade aluminum loading blocks that hold your loading tubes in order while you load them, preventing them from rolling all over the place.

They can still be useful and help you keep everything arranged, and are affordable, too.

Muzzleloader Bullet Starters

Whether or not you get one of our muzzleloader ramrods, a muzzleloader bullet starter is a must-have.

For one, it is very difficult to start a bullet or a ball with a ramrod. Doubtless, this is where some cases of broken ramrods arise.

But the bigger problem is accuracy. You want the nose of a pointed spitzer bullet to be perfectly aligned with the central axis of the bore; using a ramrod to start the bullet makes this effectively impossible.

Instead, use a muzzleloader bullet starter with an appropriate loading jag.

Ours are better than wooden ones, too. Though the traditionalists might not like to hear this, they are made of lightweight nylon that unlike wooden bullet and ball starters, won’t splinter, break, or rot.

Muzzleloader Bore Snakes

Cleaning a muzzleloader can be difficult since for some models it’s hard to get through the breech. But you still need to clean your muzzleloader every time or you run the risk of bore-savaging rust.

A bore snake makes cleaning easier and more efficient than you could possibly imagine.

The one-piece design is impossibly tough and embedded brushes make quick work of fouling and residue. A few passes with a muzzleloader bore snake and some appropriate powder solvent, and you’re clear to keep hunting.

Fast-Flow Powder Funnels

Fast-flow powder funnels are another one of those muzzleloader accessories that aren’t necessarily absolutely critical – unless you have a muzzle brake or some other sort of muzzle device.

The long funnel spout bypasses the ports on the muzzleloader muzzle brake, helping to prevent spills while ensuring accurate charges – which can be tough to do if your adrenaline is pumping and your hands are shaking.

They can also be useful just to help prevent spills generally, as every last measured grain is critical not only to performance but accuracy.

CVA Muzzleloader Accessories

In addition to the muzzleloader accessories mentioned here, there are a few CVA muzzleloader accessories worth calling out, some of which are new.

One is the CVA Primer Pod Storage system we carry here, which can hold up to 12 209 or VariFlame primers, protecting them against moisture.

We also carry muzzleloader muzzle brakes for CVA Paramount and Accura rifles, which help reduce felt recoil and more effectively disperse the muzzle plume, enabling more rapid target reacquisition.

Another one of the CVA muzzleloader accessories we carry here are our scope bases, also for CVA Paramount and Accura rifles. These bases are easy to install and feature a bubble level so you can tell at a glance if you are shooting on a cant, which can in turn affect accuracy.

Check out some of our CVA muzzleloader accessories via the previous links or contact us to learn more.

Gear Up with Clearance Camo

While some of these muzzleloader accessories (many of which are new) can help you improve your efficiency this season, don’t miss a chance to check out our clearance deals on camo gear.

We specifically have a whole bunch of deals on Kings Camo right now, and once these sell out, many of them won’t be coming back.

Plus, it’s not like camo goes out of style – so buy today, enjoy rock-bottom prices, and get ready for fall.

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