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Dudes In TDUs

Tactical Shooting

Dudes In TDUs

In a male dominated vertical like the one we know, love and inhabit, getting a refreshing perspective from the badass females among us is not only essential but refreshing. If you’re receiving our newsletters, you’re familiar with Hannah Hannah. With both feet firmly in the tactical world, she knows a thing or two about what’s what. It’s our pleasure to offer her a platform– and she’s got some hilarious and on-target insight: 

Gun Porn. You know it. You look at it. And you know gun porn comes in many different versions.  Whether it’s a beautiful weapon standing alone in an image or a practically naked beautiful chick holding a bad ass rifle on a magazine page. Gun porn is gun porn.  And I can admire it all.  A beautiful gun and a beautiful woman are both hard to beat.

So I will say this: As a woman I CAN say it’s not a male stripper or a man with his shirt off that does it for me. If I had a woman cave or a porn stash hidden under my mattress you’d find one thing: Fold-outs of Dudes in TDUs (Tactical Dress Uniform).

But not just dudes in any Tactical Uniform.  Most TDUss are designed solely for “uniform functionality” and to display what branch they serve in the military. But many TDUs can make you look like a child playing dress up with daddy’s work clothes.

And that is not “sexy”.

Look, for all their practicality not all TDUs are created equal. I’m a woman, but I want to look good in my TDU’s too.

So how can all of us find that Tactical Dress Uniform that is functional and sexy all at the same time?  Do they exist? Or do you have to be 6 ft tall and 200 lbs to look good in your TDUs?

Sexy AND Practical TDUs: UFPro

My obsession with YouTube gun porn has recently lead me to what I believe is the answer in my extensive search for the best Tactical Uniform. America, I would like to introduce you to UF Pro and their “How To” videos. I am officially obsessed and I now have an incurable addiction to UF PRO.

Why? Clips like this:


UF Pro’s movies draw you in and next thing you know you’re among the baddest of the bad rappelling down the side of a building and crashing through a window or stacking up with your team ready to break down a door. You may be battling high tech drones in the middle of the desert or find yourself in the snowy mountains learning how to sneak up and disarm the enemy. The narrated videos are epic, explosive and very informative; not to mention, their gear is legit, the acting is pro and the dudes look damn good in their TDU’s.

Yes, UF Pro makes tactical sexy.

Looking fashionably bad ass is a big deal to me and I can say I am partial to UF Pro as it fills that niche.  Their gear truly is what they portray in their videos and then some. Reinforced knees and elbows, ventilation systems that are unique and actually work, padded shoulders and tough seams that won’t tear and give out after their first tumble in dirt or the washing machine. And how about all those pockets!  You will run out of gear before you run out of pockets.

The gear is also more form fitting than all of the competition but don’t let that scare you. The design and fabric give you total flexibility and cooperation with your movements so you never have to worry about feeling restricted. UF Pro does not limit you in any way! If anything it will bring out your inner pro. Not to mention how fashionably fierce it will make you look all at the same time.

Sexy aside for a moment this gear is legit and you can tell it has been designed by real life badasses with real life experience in the field.

My tactical wardrobe now consists entirely of UF Pro’s finest gear. Their apparel has filled the niche of “fashion for the fierce” and I know it will last me a very, very long time.

If you haven’t seen a UF Pro How To Video, I highly recommend taking a few moments to fuel your inner John Wick by checking one out. These short clips are completely enthralling and do a remarkable job of showing the bad ass functionality of their gear.  And who knows… You may learn a few new moves while at it.

Carry on…


  • Richard Knueven
    Posted at 16:47h, 27 August Reply

    I’m really glad to see women taking an interest in the shooting sports, it’s about time they are getting a piece of the action!!

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