Dialed In To Throw Down: A.O. Throw Levers
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Dialed In To Throw Down: A.O. Throw Levers

Dialed In To Throw Down: A.O. Throw Levers

With innovation and an eye on revolutionizing essential rifle parts for practical upfield advantage, A.O. Throw Levers are a must-have for rapid scope magnification adjustment. Throw Levers let shooters almost instantly change the scope magnification as the situation requires. 

The Anarchy Outdoor Throw Levers attach to the power selector ring of scopes to provide better access and greater leverage.  This lets shooters quickly adjust the magnification as needed with one hand and minimal disturbance of shooting position or hold.  Being able to almost instantly go from a higher to a lower magnification setting with a greater field of view can be critical in competition, hunting and even tactical situations.

These Throw Levers are engineered for specific scope models for a perfect fit and flawless performance.  The unique design allows the shooter to see through the throw lever to maintain visibility of the scope’s elevation turret markings.  Engineered using the latest in on-demand manufacturing, the Throw Levers are made from Nylon 11, an incredibly strong and chemical resistant material.   These install without removing the scope from the firearm and use a ceramic coated threaded insert for a rock-solid attachment.

Anarchy Outdoors’ Throw Levers are now available in black for the models listed below, and more models are constantly being added to the line:

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