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Tikka CTR Customization

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Tikka CTR Customization

I have some good reviews coming. Here is teaser from our Tikka CTR Customization Project.

Time…..all I need is time am I right.

Anarchy Outdoors sales some amazing parts that help boost the Tikka for the better.

I am loving the Konohawk Precision stock. Overall I am liking how it shoots but will admit the finish in and around the bottom metal made me question how it would shoot. I really ate my words.

Tikka CTR Knonohawk Build

This rifle shoots amazing, I will cover in more detail on the video.

EOTech Vudu 3.5-18×50 mil FFP illum scope is top notch. Would I like a 5-25 x 56….well yes. I think for this lighter setup it is more than adequate and does everything I want it too. This scope is tough, very user friendly, easy to zero. It has reminiscence of TT or Premier when it comes to zero…..that easy.

It took a spill off the rock pile in the pic today, I though for sure it would have done something. Like loose zero at least but nothing happen. It fell right on side and top turrets.

Tikka CTR 6.5 CREEDMOOR SS 20″

It’s a gimme. The gun just shoots everyone knows this. But for those that don’t, this is the best gun for the money. Very good quality in all aspects like, sometimes I wonder why I shoot an Accuracy International. It shoots that good all day long.

I run Area 419 HellFire brake on pretty much all my rifles. That SOB just works, and works damn good. Jon Addis know his stuff and is very good at seeing a need and filling it. He does this with style I might add, from his Master funnel kit, brakes….all the way to gun builds. The guy just flat out knows what is up.

ARC rings to top it off of course. Ted’s the man for rings, mags and actions. All rifles have arc rings.

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