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Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud with Tool

Bolt Shroud w/Tool

Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud with Tool

Anarchy Outdoors is excited to announce the release of a new product, the RPR Bolt Shroud with tool. The most common complaint with the typical bolt shroud is that it is plastic and tends to break. We are excited to announce the new bolt shroud that is titanium and aluminum. No more worries about the wear and tear on a plastic bolt shroud.

The Titanium Gun Parts’ RPR aluminum bolt shroud with tool is unique in that it is the only aftermarket complete factory shroud replacement. Many aftermarket shrouds have solid cores and do not contain the firing pin tear down tool. The RPR comes with plastic tool that is prone to breaking. The Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud Replacement with Tool includes a self contained stainless steal firing pin tear down tool, with a spot for the Allen wrench trigger adjustment tool.

If you are looking for a great bolt shroud replacement, the RPR bolt shroud is the best option on the market right now.


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