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Rattlesnake Awareness


Rattlesnake Awareness

Summertime has officially come! It is time for barbeques, picnics, sunburns, hiking and fun. While, summer offers many outdoors activities, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Here in Utah, there is a danger that comes out when the sun and warmth arrives. That danger is known as a rattlesnake.

Recently, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources warned that rattlesnakes are starting to come out. When you are out in the mountains or off the beaten path, it is important to look out for these creatures. After all, we are in their territory. In addition to the Utah Division of Wilflife warning about rattlesnakes, a recent news story coming out of Colorado highlights this danger as well. A couple was in the middle of taking wedding pictures out in an open field, when the groom was bitten by a rattlesnake.

We are reminded to take precautions by:

  • Wear appropriate clothing. This includes hiking boots, thick socks, and long pants.
  • When hiking or in the wilderness, stick to well-used paths
  • Avoid tall grass, weeds, and underbrush. Snakes often hide in these places.
  • Always watch where you are placing your feet and hands. If you cannot see there you are about to step or place your hand, don’t put it in that location.
  • If there is a large rock or fallen tree in the path, step on it, not over it. A snake could possibly be on the other side.
  • Check all stumps or logs before sitting down.
  • If you hear the iconic rattle, move away from the sound slowly. Do not make sudden or threatening movements, as it may encourage the snake to strike.
  • Do not handle a recently killed snake. Even though it is dead, it can still inject venom.

We, at Anarchy Outdoors, enjoy a good hike, or a long-range shooting competition out is the great outdoors. We understand that nature is to be enjoyed but we want to remind all of you that rattlesnakes are prevalent and dangerous. 

Stay safe while you enjoy your summer.

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