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New President, new guns laws?


New President, new guns laws?

Over the last few days, in the wake of the election, there has been a lot of conversation about the impact of the results. With the presidency, House and Senate being swept by the Republican party, one of the main policy issues that will be at stake will be second amendment gun rights.
At Anarchy Outdoors, we support the protection of the right to bear arms. Let’s take a look at some of the policy changes that may be passed in the coming years.

  1. Gun-Free Zones on Military Bases. With a Republican majority in the House and Senate, the presidency will be in a position to remove the gun-free zones on military bases. As there has been an increased number of shooting and attacks on our military bases, it is important to lift this ban and allow our military members to protect themselves.National
  2. Concealed Carry Laws. In recent years, there has been a push to pass a law creating a national concealed carry reciprocity. This will allow those with concealed carry permit to use that same permit in all states that allow concealed carry.
  3. Reforming the Background Check process. The emphasis is on creating a better background check system that will work with mental health reforms to keep guns out of the hands of those who could be dangerous while protecting our Second Amendment rights.

These are three policy changes that we could see take place in the first few months of the new presidency. There are many more gun laws that could be reformed but the bigger question is how can these reforms be made and how quickly can the reforms take effect?

First, the process for reforming any law involves a member of Congress writing a bill, working it through committee, and finally getting it on the floor for a vote. If the bill passes, it goes to the other house of Congress (Senate or House of Representatives) for a vote. Once passed, the president must sign the bill into law. This process can last anywhere from
six-weeks to two years. Many are suggesting that gun reforms could be passed within the first 90 of the presidency. If there is widespread support for such bills, it is a possibility but the process could take several months. The most important part of reforming any law, is making sure that the new bill has been researched and well written. Passing legislation in a rush often times results in laws with loopholes or problems that were not foreseen.

Stay tuned in the coming months to hear about any gun reforms that are initiated and passed.

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