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Anarchy Outdoors – The Tale of Two Friends

Anarchy Outdoors

Anarchy Outdoors – The Tale of Two Friends

Kurt Hansen and Aaron Gines are excited to welcome you to Anarchy Outdoors. As the founders of this business, we are outdoor enthusiasts and gun lovers. We would like to take the time to introduce ourselves and our business. Please, take a minute to read about us.

Kurt Hansen

Kurt Hansen grew up in Northern Utah where he learned to love the outdoors. Living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, he loved hiking and hunting. As he grew older, this fondness only grew but he choose to study accounting at Utah State University. Upon graduating, he studied and earned his CPA certificate.

Through the years, he studied business and entrepreneurship and knew that he wanted to start his own business. His goal was to combine his love of outdoors and shooting into his business venture. He wanted to ensure that friends and fellow shooters could obtain unique, yet affordable options. His connections with local businesses that make such products only helped to drive his plan forward.

Aaron Gines

Utah Warbird Adventures, Heber, UT

Aaron Gines spent the majority of his life in Logan, Utah. Growing up with a father who was a supporter of guns and knowing how to use them, Aaron learned to love the sound of steel ringing at the shooting range. As he grew older, he began to learn more and improve his shooting skills. All the while, he was attending Utah State University as a Management Information Systems student. He enjoyed earning his degree and took a job working as a IT specialist at a hospital.

When he was offered the opportunity to help with Anarchy Outdoors, Aaron jumped at the chance. His older brother had helped him developed a new hobby, long range shooting, not long before and he knew this would be a great opportunity. It also helped that his wife wanted him to do something besides computer games in his free time.

Together, Kurt and Aaron were able to form a business that helps to fulfill their dreams, but also helps the community have better prices on shooting equipment. They are proud of their achievement so far and look forward to many more years as the founders of Anarchy Outdoors.

Check out the great products they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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