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Why TriggerTech Triggers Are the Superior Choice (Plus Some FAQs)

TriggerTech Triggers

Why TriggerTech Triggers Are the Superior Choice (Plus Some FAQs)

TriggerTech Triggers are among the most advanced triggers in the modern market. Though they’re expensive, they almost universally represent a substantial upgrade over stock, factory triggers. Here’s what they offer.

What Makes TriggerTech Triggers Better: The Tech in TriggerTech

TriggerTech Triggers are defined by numerous proprietary, technologically advanced features, including the following.

  • Frictionless Release Technology (FRT)

TriggerTech Triggers are the only triggers on the market that operate without the use of sliding friction. Instead, these triggers use a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger that makes it possible to engineer ideal release characteristics. This technology does not rely on polishing, coating, or lubricants to produce a clean break and entirely eliminates the limitations of sliding friction triggers.

  • TKR Technology

TriggerTech’s “TKR” Technology, which utilizes a “ticker,” an intermediary component between the trigger lever and sear, produces top-quality overtravel and reset control, producing minimal overtravel and an extremely short, forceful reset.

  • CLKR Technology (Adjustability)

TriggerTech’s CLKR Technology allows users to confidently, quickly, and accurately adjust pull weight via a simple set screw and detent. It provides tactile feedback in the form of clicks, resists overtightening, and even if the set screw is removed the trigger will still operate at the low end of its pull-weight range.

  • FLTWR Technology

TriggerTechs FLTWR Technology, which consists of a durable, powerful flat wire hammer spring, minimizes insufficient hammer strikes, ensuring more consistent primer ignition and bullet velocity, as well as longer trigger service life. The flat wire design enables TriggerTech to produce more coils, strengthening the spring, which enables it to produce more force.

  • Zero-Creep Triggers

As demonstrated by Dvorak TriggerScan technology, TriggerTech models produce zero creep and are extremely crisp, improving confidence and accuracy. Zero-creep, impossibly crisp, with a short, forceful reset and minimal overtravel, the performance of these triggers cannot be rivalled by competitors.

  • Ease of Installation

Many Triggertech models are designed to be drop-in ready, enabling most shooters to make this upgrade easily, at home, without a trip to the gunsmith.

  • Durability

These trigger assemblies are made with anodized 7075 aluminum housings that are extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Some models also feature a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish that adds durability and corrosion resistance and key components are made of 440C stainless steel. They are also designed with minimal ingress points to keep dust and other contaminants out of the trigger and away from the internals and are made with extremely durable internals that are designed to run crisply and smoothly, even when dry and intentionally contaminated.

TriggerTech Trigger FAQs

Are TriggerTechs One or Two-Stage?

TriggerTech makes both single-stage and two-stage triggers. All TriggerTech AR triggers are two-stage triggers.

Does TriggerTech Make Flat Triggers?

TriggerTech makes both curved and flat triggers.

With What Platforms Are They Compatible?

TriggerTech makes triggers compatible with:

  • AR-15 rifles
  • AR-50 rifles
  • Remington 700 rifles
  • Weatherby Mk V
  • Kimber Model 84
  • Ruger Precision Rifles
  • AR-10 rifles
  • Sig MCX rifles

In addition, TriggerTech makes triggers for pistol caliber carbines and crossbows.

Are TriggerTech Triggers Adjustable?

One of the greatest things about TriggerTech is its CLKR Technology which makes it easy to adjust trigger pull weight with a simple detent and set screw. The factory adjustment of most TriggerTech AR triggers is about 3.5 lbs, but many models are adjustable between 1 and 3.5 lbs.

Are TriggerTechs Drop-in Ready?

Many Triggertech Triggers are drop-in ready, making this an easy upgrade to make.

Should TriggerTech Triggers Be Lubricated?

Thanks to their unique design, TriggerTech Triggers are designed to operate smoothly without the use of liquid lubricants. In fact, applying liquid lubricant may attract dirt, dust, and other particulate debris that can be detrimental to the operation of your trigger. If you do choose to use a lubricant, it is strongly recommended that you routinely clean your trigger assembly.

Are They Compatible with .22LR/9mm Uppers or AR-10 Platforms?

TriggerTech’s AR triggers were not specifically designed for AR-10 rifles, nor were they specifically designed for AR platforms with 9mm or .22LR uppers. With that said, some users report success when using them. TriggerTech’s models will work in all three cases provided the bottom of the bolt carrier group is in spec. If in doubt, consider consulting a gunsmith for installation.

How Fast Is a TriggerTech Trigger (Lock Time)?

According to measurements conducted by a high-speed camera, TriggerTech lock times average about 5.1 milliseconds. This puts TriggerTech right around the middle of the average range, as most lock times vary between roughly 2 and 9 milliseconds.

Interested in Learning More?

Still have questions about TriggerTech Triggers before you decide whether or not to make the upgrade? We sell a wide range of TriggerTech products and other firearm upgrades – get in touch with us at 833-980-0333 and we’ll help you in any way we can.

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