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This Sig Sauer P365 Accessory Will Change the Way You Think About Shooting a Subcompact

Sig Sauer P365 Accessory

This Sig Sauer P365 Accessory Will Change the Way You Think About Shooting a Subcompact

Several factors have contributed to the Sig P365’s popularity over the years. Solid construction, naturally lightweight design, and a subcompact form all make it exceptionally popular as a duty gun as well as for concealed carry. The 10-round capacity is nice, too, especially given its overall size and footprint.

The P365 is also paired with two excellent cartridges: .380 Auto for smaller-framed and recoil-sensitive shooters, and 9mm for everyone else.

There’s just one thing. It’s tiny. That light, little frame is great for concealment, but not so much for ergonomics. All else considered, it’s a great gun, but if you have big hands or the 9mm kicks a bit much for you, then it’s a little rough.

Anarchy Outdoors has the solution for that, though, with one very specific Sig Sauer P365 accessory from our collection.

Introducing the Anarchy Outdoors Sig Sauer P365 Pinky Rest: More Than a Pinky Rest

If you’re recoil shy, or even if you have the opposite problem, big hands, the tiny, short grip of the P365 might leave you wondering if there’s a better option.

Either you need to suck up the kick or have your pinky hanging off the bottom of the grip, but not anymore.

Check out our Sig Sauer P365 Pinky Rest. It doesn’t sound like much, but name aside, it really is just a grip extension that completely revolutionizes the handling and ergonomics of the P365.

There are a couple reasons this Sig P365 pinky rest will change the game for you if you carry or shoot one of these subcompacts.

First, it extends the grip. That makes it easier for shooters with larger hands to get all  fingers around the grip for better comfort and recoil control.

It also expands the footprint of the gun, so even for people with smaller hands, it’s easier to get a proper, surface-area-maximizing grip on the gun.

And, as you may know, that’s a good thing. The more purchase you have on a gun’s grip, the better you can fight recoil. It’s not as good a recoil reduction system as a compensator, but it’s still pretty good.

Not to mention, extending the grip and improving overall ergonomics has other positive effects, recoil aside.

The larger, longer grip makes it easier for you to steady and perfect your grip, improving both aim and accuracy, and confidence as a byproduct.

Also, the unique design of this pinky rest doesn’t compromise the subcompact footprint of the P365, and it doesn’t interfere with carrying potential. It’s almost like an upgrade you don’t notice until you unholster the gun.

Moreover, this pinky rest is made of tough aluminum, making it extraordinarily durable and corrosion-resistant. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t require you to be an erudite gunsmith to make the change.

Also, you can use it to customize your P365. Go with the all-black native aesthetic of the Sig, or customize it with red, purple, blue, or even gold.

It’s one of the single most impactful upgrades you can make to a Sig P365 to improve handling and accuracy. (P365xl owners take note: we also carry a pinky rest for this platform, too.)

The best part here: this isn’t the only Sig Sauer P365 accessory we carry. Check out the other following options too.

More Where That Came from: Other Cool (and Practical) Sig Sauer P365 Accessories

While this is one of the most impactful Sig Sauer P365 accessories we carry, Anarchy Outdoors also carries:

  • Sig P365 Slide Plates

This is another easy upgrade you can make to your P365, one that’s affordable and doesn’t require any extensive modifications. Simply remove the mag, clear the handgun, remove the slide, remove the slide plate, and install a new slide plate. It’s an easy replacement, durably constructed, and available in the same colors as our pinky rest upgrades, so you can easily personalize the platform.

  • Gold-Tone (Nitrided) Barrels

While these titanium-nitrided barrels may look flashy, aesthetics are secondary to function. Yes, your P365 will look cooler, but let’s not forget that titanium nitride is exceptionally hard, making it very wear-resistant. It’s also extremely corrosion-resistant, protecting the barrel. Titanium nitride also offers excellent permanent dry lubricity, making it easier to remove fouling for a spotless clean. Also, if you go with a gold-tone pinky rest and slide plate, you can round out the gold-tone look with one of these barrels.

  • Kydex BullsEye Holsters (IWB and OWB)

In addition to these other Sig P365 accessories, we also carry tough Kydex BullsEye holsters, both IWB and OWB models. They offer excellent retention and are easy to clean, making them optimal for everyday and concealed carry. Also, many of them are uniquely themed. Personalize your carry outfit effortlessly with one of these.

Questions About Our Sig Sauer P365 Accessories? Contact Us

All Anarchy Outdoors aftermarket parts and accessories carry a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee. If you have questions about any of these P365 accessories or our P365 grip modules, get in touch with us at 833-980-0333.

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