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The Why Behind The AO Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension

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The Why Behind The AO Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension

Anarchy Outdoors is on the forefront of developing must-have aftermarket parts that enhance, refine and improve the shooting experience. Case in point: ff you’re using the Lawtac Folder and a JP Silent Buffer, the Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension was created with “MUST OWN” in mind. Anarchy designed and produced this little gem just so those two could work together perfect harmony. Without this part, you simply cannot use the JP silent buffer because of the rod in the middle.  

So here’s the obvious question: Why would you want to use both?  Let’s cover all the ways that makes this part cool, unique, and important part of your tactically quietAR folders.

Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension Experience

Disclosure: I have using the Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension on multiple builds over time. My favorite is using it on 300 blackout. Shooting a 300 blackout subsonic (under 1000fps) with a suppressor is probably the most fun you can have. Launching 220g projectiles quiet as you can make it will make you giggle like a small child on Christmas.

What can ruin that fun? A loud old faction spring (Joking…..kinda) slamming back and forth making that quiet fun a little less fun and a lot less quiet. Trust me I have been there, shooting with friends wanting to show off your cool gun, then it get ruined with metal spring bouncing.

Having Anarchy’s carrier extension with the jp buffer cancels all that spring noise and makes that silent fun, well, that much more fun.

Beside 300 blackout, there are several different calibers you can use it on.

I have one on my PWS MK111 Mod 2 LEO demo gun. You want to talk about a thing of beauty!!! PWS is one of the best piston ARs on the market. Match that with lawtac folder, Anarchy Outdoors carrier extension, and JP silent buffer. It is like icing one the most delicious cake…..mmmm cake.

Anyway, that rifle is super cool and really fun to shoot. I like to fold it, take my can off, and slip it in a pack to go hiking, or to the range to practice.

The possibilities are endless with these two amazing parts working together.

The next one I’m getting will be going on my PWS PCC 9.5” 9mm, topped off with a Silencerco omega 9k.

This gun is super fun to shoot and will be even more fun to shoot when it’s completely quiet on both ends. For those of you that do shoot with suppressors, you know what I am talking about.

Even if you don’t use or own suppressors, these two items are a must with the folder. Doesn’t add that much more weight, if anything it balances it out more.

Having a smooth recoiling rifle AR is key when trying to get on target and show off those amazing groups to your buddies. The Tactical (Folding) Carrier Extension helps make that magic happen.

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