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The Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight Is the Ultimate Muzzleloader RDS

Leupold Freedom Red Dot

The Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight Is the Ultimate Muzzleloader RDS

Here in Utah, we’re working with relatively new regulations that require muzzleloader hunters to hunt using a fixed, one-power scope or red dot sight – if not over peep sights or iron sights.

This produces a whole range of new challenges. No longer can muzzleloader hunters chase after their target quarry with high-end muzzleloaders in tow, strapped with variable mag scopes that can drive tacks at 300 yards. Now we have to do more of the legwork.

Granted, a one-power scope is better than nothing, as is an RDS, or red dot sight. But there are some that are better than others, and the Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight is one of the best on the market.

If you’re in our area or in another state that has enacted similar regulations, it’ll be hard to find another better one-power RDS or scope. Here’s why.

Not Your Stock Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight: Why It’s Better

First off, this is not your standard Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight. If you buy it from them, or from anywhere else, it comes with a special turret designed for AR shooters, with a .223 turret.

That might be fine if you shoot an MSR in that or a similar chambering. But for a muzzleloader? Let’s be serious, it doesn’t really offer much.

We made a special deal with Leupold; if you buy from us, you’ll get a Freedom RDS except in place of the .223 turret, it’ll come equipped with an MOA elevation turret – much more practical for muzzleloader shooters.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It offers a lot more.

What Else It Offers

This Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight is also equipped with a control that changes the brightness, making it suitable for shooting in both low light conditions and in bright sunlight – something that could be a problem with other red dots.

It’s also tough, which is something you’ll learn if you haven’t yet that you’ll need in any muzzleloader gear you take tramping about on a western hunt. Fragile scopes and red dot sights just aren’t made for wide-open western hunting.

It boasts durable construction and a shockproof design, and offers crystal clear clarity, even in adverse and low light conditions.

What’s more, this is a true MOA red dot sight with a very small, very crisp red dot. If you’ve never hunted over a red dot before, this solves one of the bigger problems associated with them.

The thing is, small as a red dot might actually be, at greater ranges, bright red dots can actually obstruct your sight picture. This makes it hard to shoot accurately and ethically.

That is, the smaller the dot itself, the better, as you will be better able to precisely place shots. In this instance, not only is it a true 1-MOA red dot, but the brightness controls enable you to dial it in even further. Keeping it on a lower brightness keeps the dot smaller and crisper, enabling more accurately, ethically placed shots.

And, the MOA adjustments are perfect for muzzleloader hunters. In the right hands, this RDS can enable accurate shots as far as 400 yards – quite a stretch by muzzleloader standards, especially for a fixed, one-power sight.

Another thing about this Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight. Leupold uses something called MST, or “Motion Sensor Technology,” to monitor usage and extend battery life. It automatically deactivates after 5 minutes of inactivity but reactivates immediately the second that motion is detected. In short: it extends battery life and you get a longer lasting red dot, so your dot won’t go dim on you at the precise, critical second where it matters most.

Why (or Rather Where) This Matters

All of these features make the Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight an excellent option for hunters in states where only one-power magnification optics are permitted during muzzleloader seasons – like here in Utah. It also enables greater accuracy even in low-light conditions and at extended ranges.

(Moreover, if you’re in a state that only allows peep sights, consider the Western Precision Muzzleloader Sights we sell here, that come with mounts for the CVA Paramount Pro. You can find them in our collection of CVA muzzleloader accessories, and more information about them in our blog, where we featured them recently.)

Stock Up with Other CVA Muzzleloader Accessories

While the Leupold Freedom RDS is a game-changer for many western hunters (and is useful back east where you might not need to make crazy long shots anyway) it’s only one drop in the bucket. We carry this and a wide range of other accessories, including CVA Muzzleloader accessories for popular models like the Paramount and Paramount Pro, among others. Check these optics, and other accessories like muzzleloader muzzle brakes, ramrods, ball starters, primer carriers, speed loaders and more here on our website.

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