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The Case for Some Newfangled Muzzleloader Accessories

muzzleloader speed loaders.

The Case for Some Newfangled Muzzleloader Accessories

The entire point of stocking your possibles bag is so that you can be ready for anything in the field – if it could possibly happen.

As a result, there are some of us who keep things in our possibles bags that, shall we say, we dredge up less frequently than we might have expected.

But there are other muzzleloader accessories that can really earn their place. Some of them are even better than their traditional counterparts.

We know that last claim will be received with a spot of controversy, especially among the sidelock-shootin’ purists – but at least allow us to substantiate the words.

Spitzer Bullets, Not Round Balls

First things first, let us say we have nothing against a patched round ball. They were good enough for the Continental Army and doubtless many a deer have been downed with one – even in the modern day.

But, with that said, there are just certain advantages of spitzer bullets (that is, pointed bullets) that you can’t deny.

One is that spitzer bullets respond better to spin stabilization (imparted by rifling) than patched round balls, especially at greater ranges. Within 50 or even 100 yards, most patched round balls fired from a rifle will be accurate and can rival a spitzer bullet, but beyond 100 yards, the round ball is going to yaw and veer off its trajectory – the bullet will not.

Accuracy is just one thing, though. There are other advantages, too. Consider, for instance, the superior design of Thor Lightning ballistic tip muzzleloader bullets.

These bullets feature 100% full-bore dimensions and create their own gas seal, which means they don’t need a sabot; this makes them both cleaner and faster. Also, since they are made from copper, they help cut back on lead fragmentation which can result in poisoning.

All in all, they are built to be more accurate, faster, cleaner, and most importantly, to deliver maximum ballistic efficiency.

A Loading Jag That Actually Fits Your Bullets

Since we’re on the topic of bullets, let’s make a separate but related point abundantly clear. If you switch from shooting patched round balls to pointed bullets, you need a jag that works with them.

That concave loading jag you used with your lead balls is not going to work with a bullet like a Thor ballistic tip. Don’t even try.

The right loading jag is only a few dollars and will help ensure your bullet is centered, seated properly, and not deformed.

To be clear: using a flat or concave loading jag with a pointed bullet that does not conform precisely to the bullet’s nose dimensions will deform the point of the bullet as you force it down the bore. This will not only rob the bullet of ballistic efficiency, it will severely (and adversely) impact accuracy.

Moreover, using the wrong jag to load your muzzleloader will force the point of the bullet off to one side or the other.

This will cause it to not to seat properly – that is, the point of the bullet will not be aligned perfectly with the centerline axis of the bore – which means the bullet’s mass will not be centered and it will tumble in flight. This will also damage ballistic efficiency and it will also cripple accuracy.

The solution to these ills? Get the right loading jag.

A Muzzleloader Speed Loader

The frontiers didn’t carry muzzleloader speed loaders. But they didn’t shoot inline muzzleloaders, either. Besides, the ability to make a quick follow-up shot on a quarry game animal may very well be the difference between you punching your tag and bringing home some meat – or not.

Think of a muzzleloader speed loader like a semi-self-contained plastic cartridge that is capable of holding your projectile, powder or pellet and primer all in one place. They can substantially streamline the process of loading and shave time off your reloads.

The CVA muzzleloader speed loaders we carry here can hold .40, .45, and .50 cal bullets along with a charge of up to 170 grams of powder – and you can keep primers in the caps.

And if you’re still a purist, load your first round the old fashioned way but by all means keep a muzzleloader speed loader in your bag, pack or vest – just in case your first shot doesn’t dispatch your target. It’s a matter not only of pragmatism but of ethics.

Besides, you know what the frontiersmen did have? Loading blocks – and what is a loading block but an old-timey muzzleloader speed loader?

An Advanced (Break-Proof) Ramrod

One more bit of advice: swap out the ramrod your gun came with. No, really.

Aluminum is a pretty solid bet, but fiberglass rods are notorious for splintering and breaking, and you don’t even want us to get started on wood.

We developed a new muzzleloader ramrod made from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum that is a must have for your muzzleloader. It is both nearly indestructible and lightweight at the same time, and being made from aluminum it will not bend, splinter or snap – at least not under reasonable conditions.

It also breaks down into three pieces so you actually don’t have to carry it under your barrel if you don’t want to – you can stash it in a cleaning kit or in your possibles bag.

One tip, though. When you get a new ramrod (like this one) after you load the gun, mark the ramrod at the point at which the gun is loaded. That way, when you spring-a-rod, you don’t need to guess if the gun is loaded or not – the loaded mark will tell you.

And, if you’ve ever broken a ramrod before (we muzzleloaders have all broken at least one!) you’ll be glad you made this upgrade.

Check Out Our Other Anarchy Outdoors, Thor, Cedar Mountain and CVA Muzzleloader Accessories While You’re Here

These are only some of the more practical newfangled muzzleloader accessories we sell here at Anarchy Outdoors that will pay for themselves – but there are others.

We know they’re not designed with the traditional purist in mind, but they are certainly engineered for performance and are designed to solve a wide range of problems associated with muzzleloading.

Check out our full collection of AO, Thor, Cedar Mountain and CVA muzzleloader accessories via the previous link and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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