Subtle but Meaningful Ways to Show Your Support for
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Subtle but Meaningful Ways to Show Your Support for the Shooting Sports

Vinyl Gun Decals

Subtle but Meaningful Ways to Show Your Support for the Shooting Sports

Showing your support for the shooting sports can be an exciting, personalizable way to get creative.

Beyond the support you show for the Second Amendment and to the shooting sports in general through your voting, donation, and involvement, there are other, subtle signals you can advertise that broadcast your philosophy.

These are some of the best of them.

Sporting Pro-2A Symbols

Nothing says “I support gun rights” like a big, bold bumper sticker from the NRA, NSSF, or GOA. These send a clear message – but they also lack subtlety.

There are a wide range of symbols that you can use to decorate your car, truck, workbench, tool boxes – and pretty much everything else, from clothing to accessories – that send a more toned-down message that is clear enough to the right audiences.

For instance, state-level or even lower-echelon gun rights groups send your pro-2A message, especially to those in your community.

Say you live in a state such as Texas or Florida. While national-level organizations like the NRA and GOA operate in these states, there are other local organizations that focus on state-level affairs, such as Texas Gun Rights and Texas State Rifle Association in Texas and Florida Carry, Inc. in Florida.

Even states like California and New Jersey are home to gun advocacy groups, such as the California Rifle and Pistol Association, California Gun Rights Foundation, and the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, respectively.

A decal, sticker, or magnet from one of these shows grassroots, down-home support for the shooting sports.

Decorate with Vinyl Gun Decals

Vinyl gun decals also make a subtle, straightforward statement of your support for the shooting sports, and there are so many ways to go about it.

Vinyl decals showing the outline of a classic sidelock muzzleloader, a 1911, or an AR-15 are a dime-a-dozen, and they send a message. But unless you actually own one of these platforms, you’re sort of just broadcasting.

Our vinyl gun decals allow you to personalize the message. Why show the silhouette of a random gun when you can sport the silhouette of your gun? That lets you kill two birds with one stone: you can show your support and personalize the message.

Take a look through our collection of vinyl gun decals. We carry a wide range of decals that showcase detailed silhouettes of many popular rifles. For instance, we carry decals styled after Tikka T3 and Ruger American bolt-action rifles, as well as decals patterned after Ruger American and Precision rifles (both centerfire and rimfire versions are available). That way, you can show off not just any gun, but your specific platform.

Our vinyl gun decals also exhibit uncommon quality. They are handmade in the United States from high-quality industry-leading vinyl. They’ll adhere to most surfaces, and, being made from UV-resistant materials, are meant to stand up to the worst of the elements, inside and out. They’re easy to apply and will last for many years.

Best of all, our vinyl gun decals are available in four different sizes, ranging all the way from a tiny 6”x1.5” version all the way up through a monster 32”x8” (almost three feet by a foot!) version. This makes them perfect for decorating a wide range of different surfaces, including but not limited to water bottles, tool boxes, and benches, all the way up to your car, truck, gun safe, or gun case. There’s a size for anything you want to label.

By the way, since a theme here is personalization, you can color-coordinate our decals to the rest of your design scheme, as they are available in 25 different colors.

Even More Subtle: Use What You Have

One more insider tip for showing your support for the shooting sports is to use what you have. As a shooter, if there’s one thing you have a lot of, it’s either got to be shells or brass, right?

If you reload, that’s great, and a productive hobby that can fuel your passion for hunting or competition. If not, what do you do with all those spent cartridges?

Both brass and shells can be easily repurposed into functional tools and decorative accents that make a clear statement about your support for the shooting sports, and in some instances, are the most subtle of all.

Both shotshells and brass can be upcycled. Christmas is coming up – so let’s start there. With a bit of wire and string you can make garlands from old brass and shells. Punch a hole through one or remove the spent primer and run some wire through it, and you have a new ornament. Shotshells are great for this, as they are often brightly colored red and green.

If you’re handy, you can repurpose your old brass into valve stems for your car or truck, and if you know a bit about wire, you can epoxy a stack of old shells into a base and wire a lamp through the middle. These projects take a bit of skill, though.

Another creative idea is to craft a money clip or a hat clip out of an old shell. It’s tough with smaller rounds, but if you have a lot of .308, .270, .300 Win Mag, or even .338 Lapua brass lying around (and if you have an RAR or an RPR, you might), with a rotary tool or hacksaw you can create a slit up the middle. Polish off the incision and you have an instant hat clip or money clip. Brass works best for this, but .410 shells will work too.

These are just a few examples, though. If you have a whole ton of spent shells or brass and don’t know what to do with them and don’t want to throw them out (you shouldn’t, that would be wasteful), you can get creative and make something out of them that you can use to decorate – which will definitely show your support for the shooting sports.

Keep in Touch with Us

These are some high-level ideas for how to show your support, but the rest is up to you – so get creative and make it happen.

And make sure to check back into our blog periodically for more news about new releases.

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