Save on Big and Tall Tactical Pants (Plus Camo)
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Save on Big and Tall Tactical Pants (Plus Camo)

Big and Tall Tactical Pants

Save on Big and Tall Tactical Pants (Plus Camo)

Looking for big and tall tactical pants? We carry UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants, the last tactical pants you’ll ever need, regardless of your height and waist size.

The Best Big and Tall Tactical Pants in the Industry: What They Offer

Our UH Pro Striker HT big and tall tactical pants are the best tactical cargo pants in the industry.

They’re optimized for use in extreme temperatures, with advanced features to improve air circulation and fight the effects of heat exhaustion.

They feature a unique, “cool air flow system” that consists of mesh lining in the groin area and open knee pad pockets that help improve air circulation in the most grueling conditions.

These vents are optimally situated to improve circulation and vent cool air over your thighs and groin, carrying away heat and keeping you cool and comfortable, even under exertion.

They’re not too poorly designed for the cold, though, either. Pair them with a Windstopper Liner for use in sub-zero conditions.

This makes them ideal for use in nearly all climatic conditions.

But it isn’t just about comfort with these big and tall tactical pants. It’s also about protection and storage.

Let’s start with protection. They are made with lightweight poly-cotton or NyCo ripstop fabric, designed to prevent tears from traveling along and unraveling the fabric.

They’re not just designed to keep it together under pressure, if you can excuse the pun. Pair them with one of their compatible knee pad systems for advanced protection against puncture, impact, and penetration.

Their knee pad inserts are halogen-free, flame-resistant, and characterized by excellent low-temperature resistance. This makes them flexible and durable, and perfect for resisting punctures.

These pants are configurable with these and UF Pro’s 3D Tactical Knee Pads, or without them.

They are also characterized by an advanced storage system that consists of 14 pockets in total, with several cargo pockets, and more than adequate room for all your gear.

These big and tall tactical pants have two side pockets, each of which with an integrated gear pocket, two lower leg pockets, two knife/mag pockets on the upper, inner leg, two large lower leg pockets, two front pockets, and two back pockets.

UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants also feature double belt loops, stretch in the waistband, loops for suspenders, a double zipper pull fly, boot loops, and a CORDURA-reinforced instep for extra durability.

They are also available in several colors and camo patterns.

On the note of camo patterns, for those occasions in which you need a specific camo pattern for hunting or concealment for airsoft, paintball, or professional tactical or law enforcement training, Anarchy Outdoors is running a special you’d better investigate before time runs out.

Here for Camo? Save with Our Spring Cleaning Blowout Sale

Don’t just load up on big and tall tactical pants while you’re here. Take a look through our Spring Cleaning Blowout Sale via the previous link.

Right now, select King’s Camo and UF Pro gear are on clearance, and for some of these finds, we have no plans for restocking, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This clearance collection is well-stocked with UF Pro gear, including but not limited to UF Pro Striker HT Gen 2 Combat Pants, as well as Gen 2 Combat Shirts, Delta Ace Plus Gen 2 Tactical Jackets, Delta OL 3.0 Jackets, and Ace Winter Combat Shirts for cold weather training.

But our King’s Camo gear is where you can find the real deals.

Many of these finds are patterned in King’s Camo Desert Shadow pattern, which features a gentle transition from light to dark using a natural color palette that helps you naturally blend in, under a wide range of conditions.

Though it’s best at home in the sparse, dry scrub of the west, it’s not entirely unsuitable in the predominantly brown winter woods of the south and east, when most of their hunting seasons are open, too.

Many of our King’s Camo highlights are also available in other patterns such as Mountain Shadow or Realtree Edge, the latter of which is one of the most popular patterns in the country and is practical throughout many seasons in an even more diverse range of settings throughout North America.

Add in the objective quality of some of our King’s Camo gear and you have a steal built into every package.

Our King’s Camo XKG Jackets are made with 100% polyester fabric with two-way stretch that is completely windproof and waterproof, protecting your mid and base layers and improving their thermal efficiency.

Other King’s Camo gear is made with advanced technology that benefits hunters, such as Polygiene Odor Control Technology which helps to cover the hunter’s scent aiding in concealment in another sense in addition to the visual.

There’s never been a better time to save on the best King’s Camo gear in the industry, and we carry a wide range of jackets, pants and other outerwear useful for a wide range of seasons to hunters of all different disciplines around the country.

And right now, you can save as much as 30-50% off our King’s Camo gear. Just read the fine print – for some of these items King’s Camo recommends ordering a size up.

Camo for Turkey, Predator Hunting, and More

Turkey seasons are winding down right now in most areas of the country, but that camo won’t go bad in your closet before next year, so now’s the time to buy.

Get it before you need it, not when you need it. That’s the way to save, and we carry King’s Camo patterns that are ideal for turkey, crows, predators, deer, and other game.

Get a matching King’s Camo set today while the prices are low and the dividends will pay off next fall.

When It’s Gone, It’s Gone!

You’ve received your notification. Once some of these finds are out of stock, you’re out of your chance to get them for such low prices.

Take a look through our collection and if you have any questions, don’t wait. Give us a call at 833-980-0333 and we’ll help however we can.

But remember, time’s ticking!

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