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Everything You Need to Know About the Anarchy Outdoors Fluted Ruger Bolt Shroud for the Ruger Precision Rifle

Everything You Need to Know About the Anarchy Outdoors Fluted Ruger Bolt Shroud for the Ruger Precision Rifle

Externally, a rifle’s bolt looks like a pretty simplistic mechanical part. On the inside, there are springs, firing pins, retainers, extractors, and other parts that are shielded from view.

Some of these parts are hidden and protected by a part called the bolt shroud that covers the posterior portion of the bolt assembly.

The main function of the bolt shroud is simply to cover these parts and provide a nominal level of protection against the elements.

However, the bolt shroud’s weight and balance affect bolt cycling. Since the shroud is in contact with the receiver, fit and finish can also impact cycling.

We developed a series of replacement bolt shrouds for Winchester and Tikka rifles as well as select Ruger bolt shroud replacements for the Precision, American, and American Rimfire series of rifles (among others).

This is what you need to know about our fluted Ruger bolt shroud replacement for the Precision rifle, available for both short action and magnum calibers.

Superior Protection, Tighter Fit

Our fluted bolt shroud replacements for the Ruger Precision Rifle are available in either black anodized aluminum or in polished titanium (6AL-4V) and are made in-house on a 5-axis Swiss lathe to precise, exacting tolerances.

Regardless of whether you choose the anodized aluminum version or the polished titanium version, you’ll enjoy a tighter fit and superior bolt protection. Specifically, these bolt shroud replacements help eliminate both play and rattle which make the bolt feel “loose” in the receiver. You’ll get much tighter, surer cycling and handling.

Rifles are like cars. Tolerances can vary slightly and sometimes the fit and finish of a Ruger’s bolt might not meet your expectations. If it feels like there’s a bit too much play in the bolt, upgrading your Ruger with a bolt shroud upgrade may solve that problem.

Balanced Bolt Weight: More Responsive, Smoother Cycling

Titanium is light and strong. If you choose a titanium Ruger bolt shroud upgrade for your Precision Rifle, you’ll experience the added benefit of a more balanced bolt weight.

More balanced bolt weight enhances bolt throw, making cycling faster and more fluid. As an added bonus, greater balance helps prevent the issue of bolt binding. Bolt binding can occur for numerous reasons, such as when torque is applied to the bolt when cycling. This can slow down cycling and impact the shooter’s performance, but fortunately, a balanced bolt can help solve this issue.

Ruger Bolt Shroud: Finish Options and Durability

While the titanium version of our Ruger bolt shroud replacement can improve bolt throw and cycling while diminishing the likelihood of binding, the anodized aluminum shroud offers some unique benefits as well.

Not only does it add style to the gun, especially if you appreciate an all-black aesthetic, but it adds substantial durability as well.

The anodized version features a Type 2 Class 3 anodized finish which is very hard, dense, thick, and abrasion-resistant.

Anodized surfaces are highly resistant to wear and scratching and are effectively resistant to chemical attack. In addition, anodized coatings exhibit fairly good permanent dry lubricity, which can also potentially improve cycling.

Comes with an Optional Firing Pin Removal Tool

Ruger Bolt Shroud

Removing the firing pin from the bolt of a Ruger Precision Rifle is much easier via the aid of a firing pin removal tool.

The firing pin removal tool is a highly useful accessory to have if you plan on upgrading your Ruger’s bolt handle with one of our upgrades (see below).

With the shroud of the bolt removed, you will be able to access the back of the firing pin. Insert the two prongs of the firing pin removal tool into the corresponding holes on the back of the firing pin and decompress it. Turn it and the firing pin will slide out the back of the bolt assembly.

With the bolt shroud and firing pin removed, the bolt handle will slide off as well.

Ruger Bolt Shroud Install

Installing one of these fluted Ruger bolt shroud upgrades is remarkably easy. Open the action to ensure the firearm is not loaded, then pull the bolt fully to the rear.

Depress the bolt catch (located at the rear, top left side of the receiver) which will allow the bolt to slide out through the back of the receiver.

Grasp the bolt body and rotate the bolt shroud about an eighth of a turn clockwise. This will enable you to pull the shroud off to the rear.

Take your replacement Anarchy Outdoors bolt shroud and slide it onto the back, over the back of the firing pin. Turn it counterclockwise about an eighth of a turn until you hear it click.

Recommended Additional Upgrades

Replacement bolt shrouds are not the only valuable upgrades you can make to your Ruger Precision Rifles. We also recommend making the following upgrades:

  • Ruger Bolt Handle Upgrades

We produce a number of bolt handle upgrades for the Ruger Precision and American rifles (as well as other Ruger rifles).

Our Ruger bolt handles for the American and Precision rifles are available in either stainless steel or with a black nitride finish. Both of them come with 5/16×24 TPI threads that are compatible with many of our bolt knobs. Upgrading the bolt handle and bolt knob can improve the ergonomics and handling of Ruger bolt-actuated rifles, particularly for shooters that instinctually engage the bolt knob of their rifles with the index knuckle of their shooting hand by lifting the hand up and off of the grip after firing.

  • Caparison Cheek Piece Pads

Ruger Bolt Shroud

Comb height can impact eye relief, comfort, confidence, and ultimately, accuracy. The Caparison Cheek Piece Pads we sell are made from precision, laser-cut, closed-cell EPDM foam.

These cheek pads offer a precision fit and boost comfort. They also resist absorbing moisture and gas and are highly durable. Thanks to their closed-cell construction, they are highly resistant to wear and tear and are unlikely to deform or compress over time, offering long-lasting comfort and a superior upgrade to the shooting experience.

Upgrade with Confidence; Guaranteed for Life

Our Ruger bolt shrouds, like all Anarchy Outdoors products, come with a 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us at 833-980-0333.

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