CVA Muzzleloader Accessories That Will Pay for Themselves.
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CVA Muzzleloader Accessories That Will Pay for Themselves (Plus a Few Extras)

CVA muzzleloader accessories

CVA Muzzleloader Accessories That Will Pay for Themselves (Plus a Few Extras)

It’s no longer 1735. Modern muzzleloader hunters have a wide range of modern tools and accessories at their disposal that have transformed the utility of muzzleloading as a sport.

We now have inline ignition systems that are as close to being waterproof as is practically possible. We have modern black powder substitutes that are both reliable and safer to transport.

And we have a wide range of modern CVA muzzleloader accessories that can improve the hunting and shooting experiences.

Especially with CVA muzzleloader accessories like these.

CVA Muzzle Brakes

Who would have thought we’d live to see the day in which we were mounting muzzle brakes to our muzzleloaders? Yet, here we are.

We sell full-ported muzzle brakes for CVA Accura and Paramount muzzleloaders, which, thanks to their spiral ports and parabolic internal tapers, significantly reduce both noise (surprisingly) and recoil.

But, as you know, muzzleloaders use slow-burning powder and don’t really kick all that hard. There’s another, better reason to use one.

The unique ports of these muzzle brakes effectively disperse smoke at the muzzle – so you can see your target more clearly, and more quickly after you take the shot.

That alone is a reason to get one.

CVA Scope Bases

The state of modern muzzleloaders has pushed accuracy and range to the limits. Modern muzzleloaders and spitzer muzzleloader bullets make it possible to take game out well beyond 200 yards, in some cases much farther.

There’s a catch. Accuracy at extended ranges requires you to shoot a level rifle, which is exactly why CVA muzzleloader accessories like our scope bases are so practical.

But not any scope bases. Our scope bases are made with an integral bubble level, so you can tell at a glance whether or not you’re shooting on a cant – allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments in the field.

CVA Muzzleloader Bolt Knobs

Our bolt knob upgrades for the CVA Paramount Pro muzzleloaders are simple, easy to install, and affordable.

But those aren’t the reasons to make them. You should change out your muzzleloader’s bolt knob to improve performance.

Our Little Bertha Bolt Knobs offer superior texturing which offers a better grip on the rifle bolt knob, even in cold, wet, adverse conditions. Our Dragon Scale bolt knobs offer similar benefits and are among our most popular bolt knob upgrades.

Even so, since they are available in red, black, and polished titanium, they represent an easy customization you can make to your rifle in a matter of minutes, even if just to add a little color.

A Nylon Muzzleloader Bullet Starter

Traditional wooden ball and bullet starters are great. Until they’re not.

Do you know what happens to them? They can break, and when they do, you’re up a proverbial creek without a paddle.

Don’t end your hunt early. Bring along one of these muzzleloader bullet starters. Made of extremely strong and lightweight nylon, they won’t break like wood, and they’re also impervious to the elements.

Plus, being made of nylon, they minimize the risk of scratching the barrel, which can happen with muzzleloader bullet starters that have brass collars.

Plus, they’re available in multiple configurations to match the loads you shoot, and they’re surprisingly affordable. It’s worth the peace of mind if you ask us.

A New Aluminum Ramrod

The same problem that befalls wooden muzzleloader bullet starters can also befall ramrods. In fact, it probably befalls ramrods much more frequently.

They break, and what’s worse, they can break when you’ve got a ball or bullet halfway down the bore. You can’t shoot it out, and pulling it is dangerous and difficult.

Don’t let that happen to you. Get one of these upgraded, solid aluminum ramrods and never experience a broken ramrod again.

And, just so we’re clear, fiberglass ramrods break, too. They’re tougher than wood but nowhere near as tough as aluminum.

As an added bonus we’ve designed this muzzleloader ramrod to break down, so you can disconnect it and carry it in your possibles bag or pack if you prefer that way.

Muzzleloader Speed Loaders

We also carry a range of muzzleloader speed loaders that by all rights should earn their place in your pack.

They’re more effective than loading blocks and can substantially cut time off your reloads. And, by the way, the first thing you should do after shooting is reload; immediately, even if you think you’ve dispatched your quarry.

A muzzleloader speed loader will help with that. Think of it like a basic, self-contained cartridge that stores your powder, bullet, and primer in one place.

They’re not going to mesh with any of your other traditional muzzleloader accessories, but then again, neither will a polymer muzzleloader bullet starter or a muzzle brake.

Thor Lightning Ballistic Tip Bullets

Alright, so it’s not a CVA muzzleloader accessory. It’s really not an accessory at all, but it is central to muzzleloading, and bullets like these will make a difference, so hear this argument out.

Thor Lighting Ballistic Tip muzzleloader bullets are full-bore, which means they do not require a sabot. They expand to fill the entire bore and produce a tighter gas seal, which also improves muzzle velocity and ballistic efficiency.

Without the sabot, these bullets are cleaner, and the ballistic tip ensures significantly better expansion and energy transfer while helping to eliminate fragmentation.

All in all, they are faster, more accurate, and offer better penetration than patched round balls – just make sure you get the right loading jag to ensure proper seating and accuracy.

Check Out the Rest of Our CVA Muzzleloader Accessories

These CVA muzzleloader accessories are among the most practical items we sell here at Anarchy Outdoors and have serious potential to improve your abilities when you go afield during a muzzleloader season.

Take a look through some of them (there are others via the previous link, too) and see how you can improve your proficiency.

Remember, even if it’s not traditional, making a clean kill, effectively, is ethically more important than adhering to tradition.

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