AO CVA Muzzleloader Accessories You’ll Be Glad to Have
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AO & CVA Muzzleloader Accessories You’ll Be Glad to Have in the Field

CVA Muzzleloader Accessories

AO & CVA Muzzleloader Accessories You’ll Be Glad to Have in the Field

Modern in-line, bolt-action muzzleloaders are almost indistinguishable at first glance from breech-loading repeating arms.

They are very reliable, even in adverse conditions (such as rain). They are compatible with hot-burning, corrosion-free primers, and most importantly, when clean and consistently loaded, can be exceptionally accurate within 100 yards (and, if you shoot spitzer bullets instead of round balls, even further).

Perhaps most importantly, muzzleloaders are legal for taking a wide variety of large and small game in states across the country, and in some instances, there are fairly long, liberal seasons associated with them.

But, the unique conditions surrounding muzzleloading necessitate no small amount of foresight and preparation. Hunting with a muzzleloader gives renewed acerbity to the observation that one must “make every shot count.”

Many times, you will get just one.

So, with that said, here are several Anarchy Outdoors and CVA muzzleloader accessories that will serve you well in the field, regardless of what seasons you hunt.

Anarchy Outdoors CVA Paramount Pro Bolt Knobs

First, let’s talk about the CVA Paramount Pro’s handling and ergonomics.

By all measures, the CVA Paramount Pro was a game changer in the smoke pole industry when it was introduced just a few years ago.

It features a TriggerTech Trigger, peep sights, a durable fiberglass stock, dedicated primer storage under the action, and a self-head-spacing bolt.

It also features a bolt with a relatively smooth knob. In extreme cold or even wet conditions, some shooters might find it difficult to cycle this bolt via its relatively slick knob.

We can’t entirely disagree, which is why we created a set of bolt knobs for the CVA Paramount Pro, available in several different colors and finishes that are designed to improve your grip on the bolt knob.

Notably, our Little Bertha and Dragon Scale bolt knobs afford superior grip and handling in all conditions and represent an easy, affordable, straightforward upgrade you can make for your muzzleloader.

Anarchy Outdoors CVA Paramount/Accura Muzzle Brakes

Next, let’s talk about recoil management. Many shooters may not be used to the sort of recoil produced by a muzzleloader. Combating the effects of recoil will keep you comfortable through longer sessions at the range which are necessary to determine the extremely precise and consistent load data that are required for accuracy with a muzzleloader; you can’t just pattern a few groups and be done with it. With a muzzleloader, it takes time and experimentation.

But, even on top of recoil management, there is another, even more practical reason to upgrade your CVA Paramount Pro or Accura with a muzzle brake: smoke dissipation.

With a muzzleloader, you only get one shot and having a clear view of your target as soon as possible after firing can help you gather whether you’ve connected with a vital shot or not.

Muzzleloaders created a thick, billowing cloud of smoke at the muzzle that, on calm days, can linger and obstruct your vision.

Our full-ported muzzle brakes for CVA muzzleloaders, in addition to cutting felt recoil by about 50%, will disperse the smoke from a shot in a 360° array around the muzzle, offering you improved visibility more quickly after the shot.

Anarchy Outdoor CVA Paramount/Accura Scope Bases

Our CVA Paramount Pro/Accura Scope Bases are also indispensable muzzleloader upgrades.

Durable, affordable, machined from 6061 aluminum, and finished with a Type III anodized hardcoat, our scope bases offer a Picatinny rail for mounting optics mated with a convenient bubble level at the rear.

Let’s talk about why this little feature is so valuable. On a repeating arm, it’s valuable enough, but on a muzzleloader, it can make the difference between a punched tag and a wasted season.

With a muzzleloader, you get one shot before you need to reload, which for proficient shooters can take 20 seconds and for nervous novices in the field for the first time, a minute or more.

That shot needs to count. One good shot is worth a truckload of forgettable, average shots, especially with a muzzleloader.

At extended ranges, even the most insignificant cant – which you will be able to detect via the scope mount’s bubble – can make the difference between connecting with a target and missing entirely, or worse, firing a gut shot.

Cripple shots and gut shots are unfortunate enough with repeaters and semi-automatic rifles that afford the luxury of rapid follow-up dispatch shots; but with a muzzleloader, that mistake can cost you your chance at a harvest and land an unethical shot.

Don’t take the chance of firing on an unnoticed cant; be sure of your rifle’s attitude with a scope base with a level embedded into it, like one of these.

Anarchy Outdoors Bullet Starters

Another useful muzzleloader accessory that every black powder enthusiast should keep in the possibles bag is a bullet starter.

If you’ve ever tried to start a ball down the barrel using only the ramrod, our guess is it’s not an experience you’ll be happy to have twice. It’s difficult and uncomfortable, and if you’re using a wooden ramrod, puts you at risk of breaking your rod.

This reason alone is why most muzzleloader shooters carry a ball starter, but if you’re still carrying a wooden one, upgrade to our high-strength nylon bullet starter.

It’s stronger than wood, impervious to moisture, corrosion, rot, and decay, and is also lightweight. And if that wasn’t reason enough, using nylon (instead of a wooden ball starter with a metal jag) decreases the risk of damaging the muzzle or rifling (nylon is softer).

CVA Universal Muzzleloader Speed Loaders

Finally, a speed loader is high on our list of must-have CVA muzzleloader accessories. While a scope base with a level can help protect your accuracy, and a muzzle brake can help improve your visibility after the shot, there’s still no backup like having a second shot waiting in the wings as a follow-up.

Speed loaders like this CVA model contain a pre-measured powder charge and a bullet or sabot side by side. After the first shot, simply charge your rifle and follow up with the projectile. Speed loaders like this can substantially decrease your time between shots – and that can make a big difference in the field when seconds, and second shots, count.

Discover These and Other Useful Anarchy Outdoors and CVA Muzzleloader Accessories Here

Ready to learn more about these Anarchy Outdoors and CVA muzzleloader accessories? Just visit the previous link, where we also carry charge tubes, bullets, funnels, and other muzzleloading essentials – and don’t forget to add a powder measure, some cleaning jags, and a bullet discharger to your bag before your season opener.

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