UF Pro Tactical Clothing U.S. Debut by Anarchy Outdoors
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Anarchy Outdoors Offers UF Pro Tactical Clothing To the U.S. Market

Anarchy Outdoors Offers UF Pro Tactical Clothing To the U.S. Market

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we’re big fans of UF Pro Tactical Clothing. So much that we’re a U.S. Distributor and a Dealer of UF Pro tactical clothing.  Designed for true LE and military use, this rugged outerwear has features perfect for precision rifle and 3-gun competitors. Designed and manufactured in Europe, UF Pro provides pants, shirts, jackets and accessories to tactical personnel that stand up to the harshest physical and environmental conditions. 

Currently Anarchy Outdoors is the law enforcement agency T&E Program sample supplier for UF Pro.  Some of the most popular products for LE and competitive shooters include the UF Pro® Striker HT Combat Pants, the UF Pro Striker XT Gen 2 Combat Shirt and the UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat

Pants designed for tactical and shooting competition use have specific features and requirements necessary to perform well in those applications.  The UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants exceed these requirements including durability, adjustability, breathability, protection as well as storage capacity and access.  Made from durable and snag resistant ripstop polycotton and Schoeller®- Dynamic fabric the Striker HT has a unique ventilation system that can be opened or closed to circulate air through upper leg and groin area with each step.  A three-layer knee protection system including replaceable knee pads allows the user to wear reliable knee protection at all times without even noticing it.  Fourteen pockets with the right capacity and location add to the versatility of the Striker HT Combat Pants.  Other features that set these pants apart include boot loops, double belt loops, expandable lower legs and suspender loops.  Striker HT Combat Pants are now available in Coyote Brown, Brown Grey, MultiCam, Desert Grey and Black MultiCam with an MSRP of $191.99.  Read more about the Striker HT Combat Pants here:  https://www.anarchyoutdoors.com/uf-pro-striker-ht-combat-pants/

UF Pro Tactical Clothing

The UF PRO® Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt is designed for extreme performance, providing the wearer with a comfortable, breathable, rugged upper garment.  Three different fabrics are used to meet specific needs of each part of the shirt.  The sleeves use a rugged and breathable ripstop, the torso is an abrasion-resistant knit, and the armpit area is an anti-odor Merino/polyester fabric. Mesh material protects the Merino/polyester section of the shirt.  Detachable UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area offer weight distribution for those carrying a plate carrier or a heavy backpack.  The inserts add air flow, aiding ventilation and drying for the shirt.  The Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt has easy to access pockets including two large upper arm pockets with Velcro and an additional strap for easy opening as well as lower arm pockets with elastic straps inside the pocket and MOLLE on top of the pocket for attaching a UF PRO® Device Pouch.  Multiple color patterns are available including Brown Grey, GreenZone, Black MultiCam, Steel Grey, Navy Blue, SloCam, Black MultiCam and Flecktarn.  MSRP:  $107.99.  Read more about the Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt here:  https://www.anarchyoutdoors.com/uf-pro-striker-xt-gen-2-combat-shirt/

Even the UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat is designed to be more than a just a hat. Mesh ventilation openings in the front and back side of the boonie hat allow air to circulate freely to aid cooling.  An integrated wire in the front and back side allows the wearer to mold the brim so that it fits perfectly.  The circumference can easily be adjusted with  paracord and an adjuster in the back of the hat.  Mesh pockets in the inside of the hat allow storage of small flat objects.  Three hook and loop patches allow attachment of unit identification and vegetation loops aid concealment.  The UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat is available in Brown Grey, Slocam, GreenZone, Flecktarn, MultiCam and Concam with an MSRP of $31.99.  Read more about the UF Pro Striker Gen. 2 Boonie Hat here:  https://www.anarchyoutdoors.com/striker-gen-2-boonie-hat/

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