Anarchy Outdoors’ 2023 Holiday Gifting Guide
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Anarchy Outdoors’ 2023 Holiday Gifting Guide

Peak Refuel meals

Anarchy Outdoors’ 2023 Holiday Gifting Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you have an outdoorsman (or woman) in your life, this gift-giving guide should make picking up a few gifts (or stocking stuffers) extra easy.

So, with no further ado…

Peak Refuel Meals

Peak Refuel meals are just great. We all have to eat, and in the backcountry, sometimes the convenience of a full camp kitchen just isn’t at our disposal.

They’re easy and convenient to prepare, they’re packed with essential nutrients, and they’re available in a wide range of delicious flavors too (check out Chicken Pesto Pasta and Biscuits & Sausage Gravy).

Plus, since they’re made locally we get them at really great prices that we can pass along to you – making them not only thoughtful but affordable gifts.

We also carry Peak Refuel Drink Sticks that are the perfect complement to Peak Refuel meals. These are affordable, great as stocking stuffers, and valuable to hikers, campers, backpackers, and even skiers and snowboarders as much as they are for hunters.

Rifle Grips

Rifle grips are a bit personal so if you’re going to get one make sure you know what model of rifle the intended recipient has.

All the same, our Penguin, Emperor, and Tuxedo rifle grips will work with any AR-style precision rifle with a 45° safety selector switch. If you know they have one of them, you’re gold.

Plus, all of these rifle grips are designed with a unique shelf that allows for direct alignment of the thumb and index finger, as well as a flat grip and a true thumb rest.

They were designed by a former 3rd Ranger Battalion Special Ops soldier and in concert with law enforcement personnel with the intention of creating a more ergonomic grip with optimized geometry that allows for greater control and manipulation of the rifle for more comfortable shooting, for extended periods of time.

We also carry a whole bunch of Ergo grips, some of which have flat tops for compatibility with the chassis system used by AR-style rifles. We have enhanced vert grips, too. Check them out in our full rifle grip collection.

Plus, they make great gifts because these upgrades are easy to make at home. No trip to a gunsmith is needed.

Vinyl Decals

Not sure what kind of gun your friend or family member has? That’s cool – you can drop a hint or ask around and guess what sorts of parts upgrades they want…

…or you can just get them a vinyl decal of their favorite platform. Extra points if you get it right.

Anarchy Outdoors has custom vinyl decals that are handmade in the United States and capture the silhouettes of some of the most popular hunting and precision rifles in the industry in remarkable detail. They’re also available in more than 25 colors.

Made from high-quality, durable vinyl material (and available in 4 different sizes, with or without custom text) these rifle decals are easy to apply, will last for years, and are UV-resistant. They make a great upgrade to everything from truck beds to tailgates to toolboxes and water bottles.

Check out our vinyl gun decal collection. We have Ruger Precision Rifle decals (rimfire and centerfire) as well as Tikka T3 and Ruger American Rifle decals.

Cleaning Mats

Anarchy Outdoors cleaning mats are another great choice for a gift, or just a stocking stuffer if you’re not sure what gun or guns the intended recipient has.

Every shooter has to clean his or her guns, and cleaning mats make it easy to keep all those small parts organized so nothing gets lost.

Our cleaning mats are made with a soft polyester top that protects your firearm against scratches, as well as a rubberized neoprene bottom that provides sure traction while cleaning. These cleaning mats also prevent cleaning chemicals and solvents from penetrating through and damaging whatever’s underneath.

Best of all, if you do know what sort of platforms your friends and family have, you can make a custom gift out of one of these. They’re platform-specific and include exploded views of the accompanying parts lists of each platform, with parts labeled.

Check out our collection of cleaning mats. We have cleaning mats with exploded parts views for the Ruger American 9mm, Ruger American Rifle, RPR (rimfire and centerfire), HK VP9, S&W M&P Shield, and even for Glock pistols.

Clothing (UF Pro Jackets and Pants Are Great Options)

You don’t need to know what guns a loved one has to make a great gift of a UF Pro jacket or tactical pants. Check out the UF Pro Delta Ace Plus, Delta ML, UF Pro Monsoon XT, and Hunter FZ as a place to start.

These jackets are warm, tough, windproof, and water-repellent. UF Pro jackets with hoods offer excellent freedom of movement for unobstructed views. Some jackets such as the Delta Ace Plus feature back and shoulder padding that keep moisture and cold air off of you while providing extra cushioning for when you’re carrying a load. These jackets also feature plenty of pockets for storage.

While UF Pro jackets make great wintertime gifts, we also carry UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants that are ideal for keeping cool and comfortable throughout the hotter months of the year. They’re great for forward-looking gifters.

Optics (Binoculars)

No outdoorsman isn’t going to appreciate a high-quality pair of binoculars or a spotting scope. These are great not only for sighting in rifles but also for glassing the country ahead of you. They’re vital for western hunters that have to cover great distances in pursuit of their target quarry.

We carry binoculars and spotting scopes from Athlon Optics, including Midas and Cronus UHD binocs.

For the Muzzleloader Enthusiast (Muzzleloader Accessories)

Last but not least, if you know someone that is a muzzleloader fan, but you aren’t sure what he or she shoots, or even what caliber, there are still a couple of muzzleloader accessories that make great gifts.

Even if you want to stay away from platform-specific muzzleloader accessories, the following are great options for front stuffer fans:

  • Muzzleloader ramrods: Every muzzleloader hunter needs one, and our three-piece muzzleloader ramrod is made from tough, nigh-indestructible aluminum.
  • Muzzleloader bullet starters: Once again, all muzzleloader hunters use them, and while you might not know what loading jag to provide, the muzzleloader bullet starter itself is a good token. Make it a stocking stuffer.
  • Speed loaders: You don’t need to know the caliber or the propellant preferred. That’s on the shooter. The muzzleloader speed loader alone makes a nice gift.
  • Bore snakes: You need to know the caliber for this one, but the majority of muzzleloader hunters shoot either a .45, a .50, or a .54 cal. If you can figure that out, Hoppe’s Bore Snakes make thoughtful gifts – muzzleloaders are dirty, even those that shoot black powder substitutes.

Stock Up Ahead of Time

We only have a few weeks left until the holiday season is in full swing. Don’t get caught behind schedule without gifts and stocking stuffers for the outdoorsmen and women in your life.

Start with this guide, and if you want more personal recommendations or suggestions, get in touch with us at 833-980-0333.

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