All the Ways an Updated Rifle Grip Can Improve.
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All the Ways an Updated Rifle Grip Can Improve Your Proficiency and Accuracy

Rifle Grip

All the Ways an Updated Rifle Grip Can Improve Your Proficiency and Accuracy

Shooter fatigue is a real concern, one which makes it difficult to manage the effects of recoil, and which can take a toll on your mental and physical bandwidth.

The greater the effects of fatigue, the more your handling and accuracy will suffer at the range or in a competition.

On top of this, ergonomic shortcomings baked into the design of popular rifle platforms can also hinder performance.

Rifle grips that strain your hands, fingers, and wrists accelerate fatigue and can put minuscule loads on your joints that, though you may not physically feel them, translate into aberrations in your overall accuracy.

These are some of the top reasons we worked with a team of veterans and experienced shooters to develop a better rifle grip: The Penguin rifle grip, designed for direct compatibility with all AR-style platforms (including AR-style precision rifles) with 45° safety selectors.

Here’s what it offers and how it can help lessen fatigue while potentially boosting your accuracy.

True Trigger Finger Alignment

The signature feature of the Anarchy Outdoors’ Penguin Rifle Grip is its unique ergonomic design that allows for true trigger finger alignment with the trigger.

This design features a unique shelf that aligns the trigger finger and thumb and also aligns the trigger finger perfectly with the trigger.

The flat grip with a true thumb rest keeps your hand, wrist, and finger aligned, eliminating stress points and loads that can throw a wrench into accuracy, especially at long ranges or as a result of compounded fatigue.

In a traditional configuration, the rifle grip encourages the shooter to rest their shooting hand’s thumb on the side of the grip or rifle that is opposite the trigger finger. This strains the grip and can pull the trigger finger out of alignment with the trigger.

The design of the Penguin grip also bumps out just enough to give your trigger finger a perfect 90° access window to the trigger.

This rifle grip’s design also minimizes the flexion in your wrist (which impacts accuracy) and also minimizes the interference of the pulse in your thumb with the natural harmonics of the rifle (which can also impact accuracy).

Altogether, these features put less of a strain on the grip while shooting, helping to encourage greater stability at the bench, and to produce tighter groups, even at extended ranges.

Greater Control and Manipulation

There are also a number of features of our Penguin rifle grips (shared by our Emperor and Tuxedo grips) that improve ergonomics, control, and manipulation with the aim of combating shooter fatigue.

The overall grip geometry is uniquely designed to align your finger with the trigger (as stated) and diminish fatigue.

Specifically, the presence of a shelf at the bottom front of the grip enables you to rest your hand in a ready position without actively engaging the grip – giving the muscles in your forearm and hand a rest until you need them.

The size of the grip, and the presence of a palm swell, also help to aid in sure manipulation and to achieve a consistent, replicable grip on the rifle. The overall design enables you to produce quick, repeatable actions for unparalleled speed and efficiency, even from awkward shooting positions.

This rifle grip is also equipped with strategically located cutouts that create a unique look while serving the official function of lightening the rifle platform. (Except the Tuxedo, which is not skeletonized and which we have been able to make much thinner as a result.)

The Emperor Rifle Grip was designed following the same design and thought process that yielded the Penguin, with the sole exception that it was designed for shooters with larger hands.

Shooters with men’s ring sizes 13 or larger should have no problem getting a full grip on the Emperor (with all four fingers) while still taking advantage of all of the benefits here mentioned.

Taken in sum, these traits are designed to improve comfort, diminish fatigue that saps attention and concentration, robbing you of accuracy, all while improving handling and performance at the range or in competition.

Want to Learn More About This and Our Other Rifle Grips?

All three of the rifle grips mentioned here, the Penguin, Emperor, and Tuxedo, are available in right and left handed configurations, and are available in three different colors: black, OD Green, and Coyote Brown.

They were developed taking into account inputs from military veterans, and are manufactured in a partnership with NECO, here in the United States. Like all Anarchy Outdoors products, they come with a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.

In addition to these rifle grips, we also sell a bunch of Ergo Grips – you can check them out via the previous collection. If you have about any of our firearms grips or accessories, get in touch with us at 833-980-0333.

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