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6 Great Glock Upgrades [And Why to Make Them]

Glock Upgrades

6 Great Glock Upgrades [And Why to Make Them]

Glock handguns are among the most popular in the world, and they are widely used among both officials and civilians. They are reliable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant thanks to their polymer frames. They’re also smooth-shooting and have high capacities. Most Glock pistols are also compatible with extended magazines that will improve their capacity (although they might adversely impact handling, but that’s another issue).

All the same, recreational shooters and gun owners like to customize their guns. Some customizations are just made for the fun of making a gun unique. Others are made with the intention of improving the performance, handling, or ergonomics of a platform.

So, while Glock pistols are objectively good, let’s take a look at how some Glock upgrades can make them great.

Night Sights

Glocks come with either iron, polymer, or GNS sights. One of the easiest, most practical, and cost-effective upgrades you can make is with night sights, specifically the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights we sell here at Anarchy Outdoors (for Glock standard frames).

These night sights are available in several different colors and are easy to install. They feature tritium, phosphor-filled glass lamps, housed in metal, and protected by silicone rubber. They’re ringed with white paint to increase daylight visibility.

Thanks to their “tritium-powered design” this Glock upgrade does not require batteries, will last for many years, and is highly durable. They’re also perfect for both midday and nighttime use.

Why to make this upgrade: These Glock night sight upgrades can improve your accuracy during nighttime encounters by up to 5 times, and are just as practical during the day. Plus, night sights can improve your nighttime accuracy without betraying your location like a WML can.

Timney Triggers

Timney Alpha Triggers (we sell versions for Gen 3, 4, and 5 Glock pistols here) also make great Glock upgrades.

They are compatible with all stock Glock pistols, use stock Glock parts and springs, and most importantly, do not require a gunsmith for installation. This is a substantial upgrade you can make at home.

These are also quality trigger upgrades that break crisply at three pounds and feature top-quality components that are strong, corrosion-resistant, and silky smooth. They are constructed with anodized aluminum triggers and safety blades, and Teflon nickel-coated trigger bars and sears.

Why to make this upgrade: Glock triggers are good; no one will argue with that. But they tend to break at around 6 or 7 pounds. This is a heavy trigger pull weight; shooters that will benefit from a slightly lighter pull weight will appreciate these high-quality Timney Alpha Triggers with much lighter pulls.

Weapon-Mounted Lights

We sell more than one WML at Anarchy Outdoors that is compatible with Glock pistols, and they’re designed to be mounted under the slide, making them straightforward, non-invasive Glock upgrades. That is, you don’t need to remove or replace anything (necessarily) to install them.

So what’s the deal? Well, in some circles, we have a saying: “What you can’t see can kill you.”

That should be explanation enough.

Why to make this upgrade: Weapon-mounted lights can substantially improve your confidence and visibility in the dark (whether at night or during the day, indoors). They allow you to establish positive ID of any targets, and the lights can be removed from the platform for general utility as needed.

Glock Magwell

Anarchy Outdoors Glock Magwells are easy to install, require no modification of the handgun, and will not damage the frame. They slide easily into place and are secured with a single screw.

They’re also made tough, from 6061 aluminum, and are available in several different colors. But that’s hardly the reason to get one.

Why to make this upgrade: A Glock magwell serves as a funnel that directs the magazine up and into the handgun. This makes it easier to reload, eliminates fumbling during reloads, and can even lower reload times. This is a huge bonus during stressful situations or in the dark, when you will need to instinctually reload. This is definitely one of the most impactful Glock upgrades you can make in terms of positively affecting handling.

Glock Extended Magazine Release

Anarchy Outdoors Glock Extended Magazine Releases, like Glock Magwells, are also extremely practical Glock upgrades that are also easy to make.

Like our magwells, our Glock extended mag releases are easy to install and drastically smooth the mag-drop transition and reloading. They can positively impact confidence, handling, and slash time off reloads.

Why to make this upgrade: Stock Glock mag releases are alright, but they can be difficult to engage instinctually or in the dark – or even with heavy gloves on. Our extended mag releases are easier to find and engage, eliminating fumbling during reloads.

Glock Compensator

If there’s one single Glock upgrade you can make that will positively affect recoil management and handling, it’s probably a Glock compensator. Our Glock compensators are available in the same colors as our extended mag releases and magwells, and are also easy to install.

Our Glock compensators can cut felt recoil by as much as 50% without adversely affecting shot power, which has serious impacts on muzzle jump and recoil-induced fatigue.

Why to make this upgrade: This is the most important Glock upgrade on this list insomuch as it affects felt recoil, muzzle jump, and shooter fatigue. Most importantly, making this upgrade will help you keep your sights trained on target so you can make quicker follow-up shots.

Bundle and Save

If you’re interested in the last two Glock upgrades, consider our Glock upgrade kit. It comes with a Glock compensator and extended magazine release, as well as a Glock slide plate and base plate. Purchase this kit and save over buying these upgrades separately.

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Train More

While these Glock upgrades can improve the handling of your pistol and improve your shooting experience, there is no replacement for practice. Make your New Year’s resolution to train more frequently and more diligently, and commit to trying a new shooting drill you’ve never tried before.

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