Glock 17 Upgrades - 5 Accessories To Consider
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5 Glock 17 Upgrades You’ll Be Glad You Made

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5 Glock 17 Upgrades You’ll Be Glad You Made

It would be a pronounced understatement to observe that Glock pistols, like the Glock 17, are popular.

With polymer frames and solid ergonomics, the Glock 17 (or G17) like all Glocks handles, points, and balances well. It is also solidly-built, lightweight and reliable.

Paired with a 17-round standard capacity and chambered in 9mm, the G17 offers plenty of firepower in a serviceable package. At only 8.03” long and 1.26” wide, it’s not too large for comfortable concealed carry.

Is it an excellent handgun, by any metric? Of course, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made better with Glock 17 upgrades like these.

Install a Glock 17 Compensator

First up, let’s talk about considering the possibility of installing a Glock 17 compensator on your pistol.

Our compensators for Glocks (which are also compatible with Glock 19, 19X, and 20 pistols) are easy to install and highly practical solutions for reducing recoil and muzzle rise.

Installing a compensator on your pistol (Glock or otherwise) is one of the most practical modifications you can make to combat recoil and muzzle flip. In fact, our compensators reduce felt recoil by as much as 50% – without adversely affecting shot power.

The result? You can make more rapid, more accurate follow-up shots in quick succession. With your muzzle jumping around less between each shot, you can potentially shrink your groups, too.

Lower recoil will also result in less shooter fatigue, keeping you fresh at the range for longer. Installing a compensator, along with improving your grip on the handgun, are two of the most effective things you can do while training to tighten your groups.

On top of that, our Glock 17 compensators are available in your choice of color: Blue, red, gold, purple, or classic black.

Upgrade to a Metal Guide Rod

Like so many other parts on a Glock pistol, the guide rods are made of polymer. Of course, there are some advantages to this. Polymer is corrosion-proof and moreover, very light while remaining pretty strong.

But is this another aspect of the G17 that can be improved with aftermarket parts? Absolutely. Some shooters prefer to upgrade their polymer guide rods with models made from tungsten or machined from steel billet.

Making this upgrade is easy. You don’t need to visit a gunsmith, and you can always switch back to your polymer rod if you want – although we doubt you’ll want to.

Simply choose a G17 guide rod that works for you, remove your slide, take out the polymer guide rod, and replace it with a compatible steel or alloy model.

Why perform this Glock 17 upgrade? Well, the heavier metal guide rod has a few advantages over polymer. One, it is technically stronger – but more importantly, that extra weight towards the muzzle will help weigh it down – which, paired with installing a Glock 17 compensator, will work a bit harder to corral muzzle flip. Some shooters might also find that the little bit of extra weight shifted towards the muzzle makes the handgun more stable and helps it point more easily.

The lesson here is that sometimes a little extra weight can be a good thing, despite the modern craze on paring down ounces.

Install an Extended Mag Release and Magwell

Together the one-two combo of upgrading your Glock with an extended mag release and magwell can substantially improve the handgun’s ergonomics while shaving seconds or milliseconds off your reload times.

Our Glock extended magazine release is easier to engage and facilitates mag drops, making you faster and more efficient while reloading.

As for our Glock Magwells, they are specifically designed to help funnel magazines into the firearm, making it easier, faster, more efficient, and more fluid to perform reloads in a shorter window of time – minimizing fumbling, decreasing reload times, and encouraging sure, confident handling even in the face of stressful situations.

Plus, both our extended mag releases and magwells are available in the same colors as our Glock compensators, so you can color-customize and personalize your handgun if you want to diverge from classic “Glock Black.”

Upgrade the Trigger

We also sell Timney Alpha Glock Triggers that are compatible with Gen 3, 4, and 5 Glock pistols. To be fair, Glocks come with good triggers, but there’s nothing that can’t benefit from a little upgrading, and the Timney Alpha series offers a lot to love.

The Timney Alpha is the perfect upgrade if you appreciate a trigger pull that’s a little on the lighter side. Factory Glock triggers tend to break at about 5 pounds. Timney Alpha triggers are a little lighter and break crisply at 3 pounds.

The Timney Alpha trigger is also easy to install and uses all stock Glock parts and springs. They’re also made with Teflon nickel trigger bars and sears, as well as aluminum trigger and anodized safety blades. These are corrosion resistant, strong, and extremely crisp. The NP3 Teflon nickel coating also effectively eliminates friction and results in an exceptionally smooth trigger.

Night Sights for Low-Light Visibility

Night sights are not the only upgrade you can make to your Glock to improve in-the-dark functionality. There are also red dot sights and WMLs, which are useful in their own right.

However, night sights can keep you concealed and are extremely easy to mount and use.

Consider upgrading your Glock 17 with Trijicon 3-dot iron night sights, which are made with tritium phosphor-filled glass. They are housed in metal, protected by silicone rubber, and warrantied for 12 years. They’re also equally functional in the daytime, as each lamp is encircled by a white ring to increase contrast and daytime visibility.

The best part: an upgrade like this can potentially improve your accuracy by up to 5 times compared to conventional sights.

Upgrade and Enhance the Shooting Experience

Upgrading your G17 with relatively easy-to-make upgrades like these can improve handling, reduce recoil and muzzle jump, and even boost your accuracy – with committed, dedicated training, of course.

Ready to take your shooting experience to the next level? Invest in some of these Glock upgrades available on our website and if you have any question about any of our parts, get in touch with us at 833-980-0333.

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